RBD Palm Kernel Oil

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RBD Palm Kernel Oil This refined vegetable oil is produced from oil of the kernel of the oil palm fruit. Due to its high lauric acid content, RBD Palm Kernel Oil has fast setting rate at low temperature making it suitable for applications in ice cream, ice cream coating, soft fillings and as a raw material for confectionery fats as well as margarine.

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RBD Palm Kernel Oil

Specification as per PORAM Standards  
Parameters Value
Free Fatty Acid (as % palmitic) 0.1% max
Moisture and Volatile Matter (%) 0.1% max
Iodine Value (Wijs’ method) 19 max
Storage Condition <25 deg C
Color (5¼ Lovibond cell) 1.5 Red max
Cloud Point 10.0 °C max

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RBD Palm Kernel Oil

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